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Writing History


I first discovered that I enjoyed writing when I was around twelve years old. Back then it was mainly poetry and since then I have had around twenty poems published in small press anthologies. I then moved on to writing short stories and these led me to my first full-length novel. I have written four novels since then, but I see them sitting under my bed for the foreseeable future. That being said, I found writing those novels invaluable in finding out the challenges and pitfalls that come with writing long fiction. From pacing to characterization, to overcoming the middle slump of a story, all of these things take a lot of work to get right. And so on it goes, the quest to become a writer, to keep motivated, to be inspired, to journey through those thin-leafed classics, to take notes while reading those newly cherished authors, and to one day write something that will inspire others to do the same.


Latest Bio

P D Dawson has had his work published by Almond Press, Under the Bed, Beyond Imagination Literary Magazine, Earlyworks Press, Schlock! Webzine and HCE: Here Comes Everyone Magazine. His stories have appeared in two books, both of which were published by Almond Press. One is Broken Worlds, a collection of dystopian stories and the other, Apocalypse Chronicles, a collection of stories about the end of the world. At any one time, he finds himself juggling many stories in his head, and is excited by the challenge of getting them published for all to read.



Current Project

I'm currently working on a few short stories, juggling more like, but I hope to knuckle down on a novel project fairly soon too. I swiftly move from one potential novel idea to another, and I am battling with myself to find the right story to showcase my talents as a writer. I am constantly absorbing the world all around me, and so I hope that one day there will be a flood of material to make the perfect novel, but realise too, that a novel is just as much about hard work as anything else. Watch this space!!






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