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We have little time

To impress upon the earth

That which fills our souls

And as we age

We gather within

Instead of reaching out



You breathe darkness

As if it were cigarettes

Ample enough to flood your veins

And shock your synapse

Into the illusion

Of belonging



They fire through the mist

And into the forest trees

They know not what lives there

But they fear the dark between the branches



Under her icy skin

Lay the frozen bones

Isolated like clay pipes in the ground

A separate universe

Beating and pulsing




We are hidden leaves

Pure but forgotten

To the waters that carry like rain

The sediment of a life once lived

In higher climes



We are sedate

Quiet and humble twigs

Snapped from adult trees

Waiting for the storm

To tell us of the breeze



The wonder

Of all things

Darkened whispers

From bodiless souls

Wishers of all things

In physical prose



That jungle

Where trees stand like people

There is a sign

That hangs on branches

Of the decline of nature

And the shortages of sticks



Summers' dust to winters' rain

A winters' pear to summers' grape

Summers' burn to winters' pain

A winters' day of no escape



I like strange things

Normality displaced

Roses with buds closed

Inverted rainbows underground

Strange objects falling from the sky



The night stirs its army

Beneath the velvety sky

But daylight will come soon

Above the sallow moon



Hunger beats like a drum

In those autumn beasts

And loss pervades sin

In the autumnal feasts



A soul can rest easy

Listening to

Music from midnight pianos

In the dark

While the waking spirit

Can think of life's design



You echo into darkness

Feeding upon spirits

Roaming with wolves

Hiding from ghosts

Feeling through life

With broken bones



His arms are concrete

Scratching the world's surface

Shedding the darkness

Revealing light behind walls

From this high-rise dream



let me shine brightly

like a naked diamond

until I am obscene

let me lose gold teeth

and spit silver

may my hair be braid in gold



Human thought is unkind

The high wind that shapes mountains

The water that cuts paths

The greed that burrows the land

Yet angels are born



Hollow trees undone

To the lace of branches tied

Shallow curves unsung

To the dancing of the tide



Through the darkest of nights

I see birds find their way

Through tunnels and coils

Woven into the fabric of dreams



In a myriad of ways

We steer from the ash

As our boulder dreams fall

And the star fires burn



Let the ghosts of the past

Rewrite the present

Let all things be Kind in their way

Simple and pure

Let us find ourselves

In the wind



Greatness is a feeling

Of knowingly witnessed

Notes from the norm

Mere fragments extended

Beyond human reach

Within human sight



The literary

Not bowing to the populous

Ideas sprung from spaces

Not filled by baron wolves

Not marred by acid tongues



May all your thoughts

Be collected in my heart

May all your words

Rest upon my soul

And may all your days

Be spent here with me



In my dreams Shredded paperbacks

Fall from the sky like snow

Each flake a word

Settling upon meaning

Covering the grey

Until I wake



Candles burning bright

Before the hour of midnight

A time when creatures lurk

Behind moonlight spheres

And yesterdays unwinding



From this window look

Upon the moving world go by

While stillness resides

Within me



Such tragedy falls

Upon innocent souls

Darkness unimagined Light unfathomed

Time deepens the well

Of both pain and fear



That wilt inside of this mind

Will grow towers of thought

And drown in shallow puddles

Until the truth has won out



Miles of golden sand

What world can afford all this?

Beauty frayed but pure

Waters framed by the high land

A plughole waiting to be pulled



Unending steps

Unyielding mountains

The undulating corridors

Of my mind

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