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Emma Petfield Interviews me for 'The Rosebud'

Emma Petfield: When did you first begin writing, and why?

Paul Dawson: I was in English class in my first year of high school and we had to write a poem. I can’t remember now what the poem was about, but I felt a sense that the words and rhyme came quite easily to me, and I realised that even though I was young, I had a lot to say about the world around me, and poetry was the first medium through which I could express that. Thinking back now, I guess that was when I first found a way to channel something that was always inside of me, but I never knew how to release it before. It was at first a place to explore my own feelings, and then more recently it’s become a part of my own identity and an important part of how I interact and observe the world around me. I think the challenging part for any writer is finding the best way to channel that inner voice so that it meets the page, after many edits and rewrites no doubt, as best it can possibly be. That’s part of what makes writing so fun, the challenge of how hard it can be, and the satisfaction when you know you’ve got it right.

You can get the full interview here -

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