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Fledgling Artist - My foray into art...

I've recently started to draw / paint, only digitally at the moment, as an extra little hobby. I've never been able to draw very well, but have always wanted to. I feel I do have a good eye for art and know what I want to achieve, but have usually failed in the final outcome. Whether the digital form helps, or if it's just because I'm older and have more patience, I'm not sure, but I've managed to make some paintings that I'm not altogether displeased with, and so thought I'd share my efforts here on my website. My journey may well be a short one, as I take this foray into art, but at the very least it's relaxing, usually, and feels like another way to channel my creativity. Of course, my writing will always remain my main priority and passion but I guess creativity comes in all different guises. Comments are welcome!

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