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Let Them Find Peace in June by P D Dawson

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Let Them Find Peace in June

Hallowed be the thunder of men

As Juno, Gold, Omaha, Utah and Sword

Await the silent feet in the hours of darkness

To land upon their shore for the battle of men

With a million summers burning in their hearts

And loved one’s smiles beaming through their chests

Hallowed be the light of hope

He who dares dream in the courage of night

Where Poseidon resides in the shoals of the shore

And the consommé of man curdles in empty tums

Soldiers of steel shudder with every bombardment

And the shallow waters rise for the birds of dawn

Hallowed be the silence of men

They who cross their fear like the bridges of death

And through cold waters watch their dreams disperse

Into a cloud that foretells a rising tide full of souls

Yet their oaths towards Neptune help them march on

Where the sandy grains bring forth vie après la mort

Hallowed be the sun of Normandy

As it shines through the clouds on a silent beach

Where the dead are washed up by the tireless tide

And the echoes of bullets still linger in flesh

Silence endures in the muted tongues of the living

And silence soon reigns in their memories of this day

But let them speak, and let their memories reach the moon

And please God, let them find peace in June

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