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Skyscraper by PD Dawson

Updated: Feb 9, 2021


The skyscraper is so tall

Each floor an emotion

Each door a memory forever lost

And it is there I live

I dream

Forever building to the sky

Endlessly heading for the stars

Below which my dreams and memories

Hopes and aspiration carry me

Like floors of my skyscraper

Like ducts where the water flows

But from birth I am also forever falling

For if the skyscraper is my material of life,

then the ground on which it stands,

the foundation on which it relies

is forever sinking

Forever causing cracks through the walls,

and through my open doors until they are closed

until, like the cracks in my face,

the wrinkles of time will weaken the structure

and the building will teeter on the edge,

until one day, there will be one crack too many

and my tumbling building of dreams

will collapse to the floor

And through my dreams and hopes and memories

left in the rubble I have left behind,

I will be satisfied

that I have left enough for someone else to build,

the skyscraper of their dreams

PD Dawson

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