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The first draft is about isolating the rock, and every draft after that is about carving the stone into something beautiful.



Writers have to work alone, make judgements alone, make tweaks and changes alone, but then it’s all worth it when you receive praise... alone.



In poems we must not be ruled by logic, or be fearful of being wrong. Through twisted logic and fallibility, some truths are born.



I believe great writing starts with the right sentence, the spirit of which, if achieved, will flow through it like a river.



A great writer can create new worlds, and make the reader feel like they are the first to discover it.



Good writing starts with a single word, just as good composing starts with a single note.



Writing style is partly formed by the influence of others, but ultimately is found through trial and error, and what best suits your voice.



Maybe dreams help the brain to accelerate and predict future learning needs, through the warped emulation of past memories into experience.



In the land of fiction you can wear your own shoes as you walk through it, but to really enjoy the story, take those shoes off and dig in.



A writer has the freedom to imagine worlds beneath a vast sky, but it is in the microcosms of fiction, where true talent lies.



Sometimes the magic happens when you write, other times it's like pulling teeth, either way it's hard, until written.



Writers are only as good as the voices inside their heads.



A writer's greatest fear is not having the courage to be a fearless writer.


Let your mind be an oasis of calm in the desert of life.



Never wait around to hear back from a writing submission. Instead send another one away, and then another, until you lose count.



The harsh, cold light of rejection, is something every writer must endure.



Only a writer with true aspirations, can understand the guilt that comes from not having written.



Sometimes when you feel least inspired, you create your best work, it's just getting it out that's the problem.

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