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TankaPoetry 2

Poems 116 - ???



Studious student

Unfix your logical mind

& remove the hinges

So that you may open doors

Through the solemnity of art


Inordinate light

Eternal spectres in darkness

Isolated by

The dark matter transference

Of alienated souls



Shrouded in darkness

We illuminate Dante's hell

By our arduous

Inclinations towards decline

& abandonment of hope


To be aware of sleep

Before its tentacles swoon

Is to be enraptured

By those deathly little dreams

At the falling of the light


We fear dark corners

The unfamiliar light

Yet the fear of fear

Is as real as any monster

And as hard as any fight



In the brooding quiet

Where familiar faces dwell

We study a life

Of every moment passed

Under the flickering flame



Do words refuse you?

You, the tongue-tied mythical beast Scavenging, foraging

Forcing words from their holes

Abusing them, if truth be told



Not forced by gravity

The soul rests up on a string

Following us around

A birds eye view of our day

That's why I don't ride the underground


Never sure of why

Answers seem to ferment questions

And it was a fine year

Not being able to see

The grape for the vineyard


The canvas prints became

A memory of how Earth once was

Now so cold and bleak

Winter grew by small degrees

Confined by its b & w print


Oxygenated hues

Are the rainbows of my welts

And absences denounced

Will forever transmutate

The meaning of crooked thought


Were it gravity

That marked me out to my death

Or the atoms beneath

Ubiquitous in their refrain

Cunning forbearers of pain?


On this brief earth

Where the weeping willows pine

I struggle to see blue

Skies above the endless melt

But what beauty comes of rain


Boundless beauty rolls

Over your coveted hills

Yet you locked beauty

Into your golden spires

And lost the sun to burning fields


To your airs we rise

And from bottomless servitue

In your debt we fall

Tumbling from grace and fortune

To the earth we know so well


You turned your red heart

Into quiet flakes of winter

Then opened the gate

Thinking I would want to live

In the barren field of you


Hunting for sparrows

To knock kindness from its perch

For a murder of crows

Only wears its feathers dark

& you lost kindness years ago


Truth is like ashes

With no illusions left to burn

Or monuments to drown

For all waters become still

In the rigidity of truth


Unbegun and aflame

Some words jump out of the sea

As if they are fish

Tumbling out of our dreams

Without any gills to breathe

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